5 Things I learned from my Mother
And how an absorbent lightweight towel can change your travels…

There are somethings that you know, and can never name the time or place you learned them. Sometimes when I think, I find out that I learned so much from my mother without even noticing. What are they, you ask. Here is a list of the most important ones.


Use life hacks whenever you can: Simply because they are fun and they will make your life much easier. If you can use your bath towel as a sarong, just do it!


Travel a lot: She is still one of the most frequent travelers I know. Guess what she takes with her to every destination. That’s right. A peshtemal. A hotel, an Airbnb apartment… And this is something she learned from me. I love checking out her social media accounts when she is somewhere in the world, showing off her Turkish peshtemal. These absorbent lightweight towels is traveling the world with her.


Happiness is inside you, don’t look for it elsewhere. She has this little things that she does when she doesn’t feel the happiest. A girls’ night out, going to a good movie or shopping for something nice for herself. Do what feels good. Buy what makes you feel good. Good advice I say. Something special with a unique and luxurious feeling is all we need.


Make the most of your time. Life is a gift. Never wait too long to do what you want to do most. Follow your dream.


Do the right thing no matter what. It is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. Be as eco friendly as you possibly can. We both love the nature and have been spending a lot of time outdoors since my childhood. Peshtemals take up much smaller spave, use up much less water and energy to be cleaned. And since they do not develip the mouldy smell when drying, the need foe washing them is less, too. The most eco friendly towel I know…