Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.


Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

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Where does the word peshtemal come from?

You will see the description of peshtemal as Turkish towel in many websites. But what is the root of the word?

It is believed that the origin word of peshtemal is the Farsi word; pustmal meaning back cleaner. The Turkish tradition of hammam created an entire culture around it. When the back cleaner met Turkish cotton, peshtemal was born and hammams were graced by its mystical and colorful presence.

What does my peshtemal do for me?

First and foremost it makes you feel good. Why? It is a special product that represents a rich tradition of beautiful textures and colors. It is woven and printed by people who live in small communities around Anatolia: Where the sun rises.

This Turkish towel is highly absorbent, very quick to dry, compared to a traditional towel and very very lightweight. Take it to yoga class, to gym, to your travels in your small carry- on bag, to the beach or the SPA. Use it as a towel, a dress, a picnic blanket… Versatile and unique. Keep one in your purse and use it as a beautiful wrap dress in case you need to change within the day.

Pestemals are lightweight and extremely absorbent. They are big in size , but are very compact. Unlike a thick terry cloth towel, pestemals are flat-woven with a smooth, soft texture.

How does Turkish cotton compare to Egyptian cotton?

They grow in geographically similar landscapes,thus similar in fiber length. Fiber length is what determines the shininess and strength of the yarn and the textile surface. The soft feeling of the woven fabric is also a result of long and soft fibers of the Turkish cotton.

Can I use it as a fashion accessory?

Yes, you can. Express your taste in rare products with your peshtemal. At the end of the
day, fashion accessories are there for you to combine them in a unique way.

Would a peshtemal be a good gift?

You bet. Just let us know and we will gift wrap it for you. And you will buying an all in one gift for your loved one: A lightweight beach towel or beach dress if he/she is a beach person, a very absorbent yoga towel with a unique design if he/she likes yoga, a gym towel, a picnic blanket, a table spread, a scarf.

How Eco-Friendly are Turkish Bath Towels?

The answer is; very. The production process of Turkish peshtemal requires minimal energy consumption and natural dyes. Since they are light weight and easy to dry; the washing and drying processes also take very little tome compared to heavier regular towels.

They dry more quickly after use, so they don’t take on a musty smell. The environmentally friendly result – they don’t need laundering as often. And when it comes time to wash them, they take much less space in the washer and much less time in the dryer.

What’s the processing time for orders?

All orders placed before 1 P.M. are usually shipped the same day and orders placed after 1 P.M. are shipped the next day – Monday to Friday. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays are shipped on Mondays.

Which countries do you ship to?

US and Canada. If you live elsewhere and would like to purchase a peshtemal please get in touch with us via support@mybluehost.me

The style I want is listed out-of-stock. Can I expect it to be back in-stock anytime soon?

Oh yes! If you’d like to know when, then shoot an email to support@mybluehost.me