two women taking a bath in Turkish peshtemal in a hammam

Hi there! My name is Zoe. I live and work in New York and I love it. I am a fitness and yoga enthusiast with a taste for unique products and accessories. This is the story of how I fell in love with Turkish peshtemal towels.

I try to stay active during my busy work week. So I go to gym and do yoga every chance I get. In one of my yoga classes, while I was very ready to get in my warrior zone, I saw a wonderful towel next to the mat of a fellow yogi. It looked natural, elegant and colorful. It was flat, not fluffy like traditional towels. I instantly wanted to have it.

After the class, I asked her what it was and I was introduced to my new passion: Turkish Peshtemal towel. Turned out that she was of Turkish origin and what she had next to her mat was a well kept, centuries old secret of Turkish women. Peshtemal is traditionally used in world famous Turkish baths – hammams for women to have some privacy. It absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel but dries twice as quickly without taking on the mouldy smell.

What is Turkish Peshtemal?

Peshtemal is a lightweight, highly absorbent, handwoven cloth that can be used as a bath or beach towel, a beach cover-up, a table cloth, a sofa throw and even a fashion accessory. It is traditionally hand woven, dyed with natural dyes. Each peshtemal has a different story that becomes yours when you have it.

I love having things that has their own heritage and own story. It makes me feel connected to other people. The chance of being able to research the roots of a product you own is just happiness. The material they are made of, the places they were produced in, the story of the people who made them make each peshtemal unique.

In a world where everything is mass produced, my little collection of Turkish peshtemals make me feel special. It is very fashionable, stylish even as bath towels, I just want to show them off. Peshtemal gives me a more special feeling than any luxurious towel could.

I gift one to my friends and family on special occasions. They make everyone happy. My friends who travel a lot, tell me how lightweight and versatile Turkish peshtemal is. So that they take their peshtemals everywhere they go to use as a bath towel, a beach towel, an impromptu picnic blanket… Some friends who love art use the beautifully designed Turkish peshtemal as a wall art, a tapestry. Some of them who has an eclectic taste in interior design say that it makes the perfect sofa throw.

Honestly, with its elegance, natural and colorful look, how you will use your Turkish peshtemal is up to your creativity.