Copenhagen Peshtemal

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A modern, stripe design that can be used after bath, at the beach or as a statement scarf. One of the most popular products of the range due to its versatility and its silky luxurious touch. A home decoration favorite, as well. Copenhagen is for you if you like to get creative with how you will use this unique peshtemal with hand tied tassels.

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  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • High absorbency
  • Easy dry
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural and chemical free
  • Versatile: Bath towel, beach towel, beach cover-up, sarong, home decoration item, fashion accessory
  • Takes up little space





420 gr/pc / 14.7 oz/pc


95×180 cm / 37×71 inch + tassels


100% Cotton

4 reviews for Copenhagen Peshtemal

  1. Amy L.

    These are very pretty and natural. I feel left out for so many years on flat towels. Takes up very little space and dries so easily. Love the fringe, too.

  2. Jason

    Very lightweight and good looking towel. I use it in the gym after a shower, and it dries me well. When I use it after a swim to wrap myself, it gets damp but there is enough absorbency left in it to also dry me post-shower. I prefer this a lot over stuffing a giant towel in my gym bag. Dries quickly. And it is huge, so I can wrap it like a sarong if I need to.

  3. Marie J.

    I have read reviews for many of these turkish towels. I really wanted to try one but was afraid of getting a bad product. This is not one. This is a great towel. It is large, good to use as a wrap at the pool or beach. It is very thin and lightweight, but is actually pretty absorbent. I’ve washed it a few times and it has definitely gotten softer. The colors did not fade and the quality is good. I will be buying more

  4. Gareth

    If you look at pictures of bathrooms, the towels are all neatly folded. In real bathrooms, the towels are draped over rods to dry or wadded in a mildewing lump somewhere. The advantage of these towels is that they are dry within a few hours, even here in Florida.

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