Miramar Peshtemal

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Double face, reversible ethnic design. Reflects the peshtemal heritage. Every shape on this product has a different meaning from the ‘longing for the loved one’, to the ‘love of family’. Great as a bath or beach towel, a home decoration element. It makes the perfect statement fashion accessory. Your friends and guests will love this unique product that comes straight from the artisan loom in Turkey to your home or wardrobe. All peshtemals get even softer as they are washed.

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  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • High absorbency
  • Easy dry
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural and chemical free
  • Versatile: Bath towel, beach towel, beach cover-up, sarong, home decoration item, fashion accessory
  • Takes up little space



Dark Gray


360 gr/pc / 12.6 oz/pc


85×172 cm / 33.5×67.7 inch + tassels


100% Cotton

1 review for Miramar Peshtemal

  1. Luther

    I figured it was time to replace the fifteen yr old bath towels I stole from a Super 8 back in the 90’s. Yes, I’m a single guy. Came here to Wovennatural with no idea what to get. Big and fluffy? Expensive? Cheap? Road Runner and Coyote? Came in blind, so to speak. Saw this towel and for some reason I thought of the Hitchhikers towel. Had to have it. Says it dries you off. Thats good. Says it dries fast and is pretty soft. Thats good too.

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