Shop the Peshtemal that matches your personality

Towel is a personal belonging. We choose towels that reflect our personalities. What is more customized than peshtemal with hundreds of colors and designs to choose from… Customized towels of your choosing.

The ethnic designs that speak to your bohemian side or colorful flowers that are more girly and fun. Peshtemal looms give you endless options. This is one of the reasons you feel happier when you own your personal peshtemal collection.

My personal favorites are the ones with linen in them. I feel that my customized towels should have my favorite fiber, right? Linen is a natural fiber which is also super absorbent. There are stripe Turkish peshtemals as well as beautifully printed ones that are linen rich in WovenNatural’s carefully curated collection.

Striped peshtemals are more suitable for my family as we all use Turkish towels after bath. My husband and son enjoy them as much as I do.

This doesn’t mean I will have my own personal printed linen peshtemal of course. We love our collection of Turkish peshtemals and we feel they fit into our intentionally natural and eco friendly life.

My best friend is in fashion business and she has to travel a lot. She prefers vibrant colored peshtemals with ethnic designs. She sometimes uses them as accessories and gets a lot of compliments. Honestly, I don’t know how she makes all the different elements of her outfit work, but she always manages to stand out.

Whoever you are, there is a peshtemal for you, that matches your personality.